Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Popcorn Machine: Clarkson's Hot Week and More

Discussing the latest around the purple and gold.

Philadelphia Eagles superfan Mike Trout reassures Angels fans: ‘I love playing in Anaheim’

Mike Trout chuckled, even before the reporter could finish asking the question. Trout has become the most prominent fan of his childhood football team, the Philadelphia Eagles. So he was ready for the obvious question: Does his devotion to the Eagles mean he wants to return home and play for the…

Will Vladimir Guerrero be the first Angel in Cooperstown?

Will Vladimir Guerrero be the first Angel in Cooperstown?

The Angels have retired six numbers, three in honor of men that never played for the team: Jackie Robinson, founding owner Gene Autry and beloved coach Jimmie Reese.

The three numbers retired in honor of players: pitcher Nolan Ryan, who represents the Texas Rangers in the Hall of Fame; infielder…

Lakers vs. Celtics: 3 Things to Know (1/23/18)

Here is what you need to know before the Lakers continue their rivalry with the Boston Celtics.

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Suni Strong's Half-Court Shot Wins $100,000 Mandalay Bay Big Shot Jackpot

Lancaster native Suni Strong left STAPLES Center $100,000 richer after hitting the Mandalay Bay Big Shot Jackpot.